• April 24, 2020

Top 10 Things In Sports That Suck

I am introducing a new column named’Top 10 Things In Sports’, a new weekly item that I will do. Here is your list of the Top 10 things in sports which we have been sick and tired of hearing about, we all despise, or just plain suck.

With that, let the sucking begin.

#10 NFL’s Ban on Celebrations

The team’s newest principle which prevent players like Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens use their imagination and grace for observing should be thought of as a crime. Let the men spread their wings just a little – no props let? That’s Situs Berita Bola simply stupid.

Number 9 ESPN’s Hotseat

At the first the Hot Seat was trendy and somthing new, however today is like a boring desk job at the exact same everyday. For those that aren’t comfortable, the hot-seat is a daily portion on SportsCenter by which a guest has been asked questions by an ESPN guy. One of the main problems is if

Skip Bayless who, in addition,is just a couple spots out of the checklist, is accountable. Rather than requesting the other man their opinions, ” he only claims using them hardly lets them be in a sentence.

Number 8 Yankees vs. Red Sox Rivalry

The overrated and over-reported rivalry in sports. The New York Yankees play with the Boston Red Sox about fourteen occasions each season, however that I do not care. Every off-season is similar to a primetime drama for these teams, and every year they add more big names to the 2 evil empires. Please refer to that which America’s new immigration policy should be if you’ve got any questions.

#7 Congress

Leave my sports independently Congress, nobody wants you guys to intervene with items that you have no idea about. As if senators weren’t happy with ruining our country, they have to simply take our sports away. Congress, go home, and rescue a few rain-forests or something.

Whatever happened to athletes being good role models for children because in the NFL, that’s definitely gone down the drain lately.

Number 5 Spygate

I truly expect everyone else knows that all NFL teams spy other teams because in the event you really don’t, than get outta the bubble that you live in. They were in the news regular from the autumn due to their chase for perfection; I still really don’t desire to watch their ugly faces on ESPN’s frontpage everyday from the spring too.

Baseball players do steroids, why can not people simply accept this. Nobody cares about Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds anymore; so sure they are cheaters, but so is 1 / 2 of America. And if anyone was wondering Bud Selig is part of the issue and just adding fuel to the flame.

#3 NFL Network

The only reason why the NFL Network is ranked more than Bryant Gumbel, is basically because they have other employees; it sucks. You would think with all of the amount of money they have been getting for the top subscription rates they could afford more than about four cameras for live broadcasts.

No 2 BCS

As the 2007 2008 college football season established that the Bowl Championship Series is one of the greatest winners in all of sports. Letting Republicans decide the fate of top teams with no playoff process is completely ridiculous, but do not worry sports fans. If you will find several years like this previous one, a play off will need to become closer to a real possibility… fundamentally.

#1 Bryant Gumbel

Is there really any question whether or not the younger Gumbel brother is your hardest sports announcer of all-time? He talks too much, interrupts one other commentators, and thinks he is the very crucial, but to put it simply, Bryant Gumbel couldn’t commentate his way out of a paper bag. This past season’s Green Bay Packer – Dallas Cowboy game displayed him at his very finest, asserting that Romo was both the quarterback for the Packers and first name is Rick. Rick Romo is sure to have great success from the NFL.


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