• November 21, 2019

Cake Poker Rakeback Will Remain Under Lee Jones’ Reign As Cake Poker Cardroom Manager

First time I ever came across the name Lee Jones was about 6 years ago when I picked up a second hand copy of ‘Winning Low-Limit Hold ’em’. It was my second every poker book after Mike Caro’s Book of Tells. Back then I thought poker was all down to reading your opponents and not about playing cards. I suppose when you start out playing you think you know everything about poker and want to get to the juicy stuff like knowing when a player is bluffing so that you can call down a huge all in bet with King high!

However Lee’s book opened up my eyes to how you should be playing, whats hands, position, aggression, basically all the stuff that still works today to a large extent. You could tell Lee loved his poker and loved talking about it. I think he was just too much of a social person to play poker full time and he was challenged by the world of business and interacting with other business people from all walks of life, so it was with no big surprise that he concentrated less on playing poker and joined Poker Stars in October 2003 as Card Room Manager.

He cemented his name as one of the good guys in poker working there and always making sure the poker player came first. There was never any issue for big tournaments if players wanted to do deals or if any issues arose they were always dealt with honestly, quickly and efficiently Judi Bola.

In April 2007 he stepped away from his duties as Poker Stars Cardroom manger and started to work as a consultant for EPT organising the Television broadcasts and production of the then up and coming European Poker Tour. Once he had one year down in this role, he decided to up roots back to his home in America and joined Cardrunners where for one year he worked as the Chief Operations Officer for the leading poker training instructional company. Due to merger with Stox Poker, concessions had to made to facilitate this merger and Lee graciously decided time was now right to move on to pastures new.

Cake poker are the aforementioned pastures new and Lee joined in May 2009. This acquisition of a hugely talented business man as their Cardroom Manager and poker players Advocate was a huge scoop for Cake poker. His reputation alone will ensure all existing and new Cake Poker players can be guaranteed a safe and secure site to play on that will continuously strive to improve. Happily Lee’s reign at Cake poker will not bring an end to the outstanding 33% Cake Poker Rakeback deal that they currently offer which is one of the most generous offers on the net.


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